Lent may be coming to an end, but summer is approaching. Granted, we could have been hitting the gym. But we opted to scout for the best vegan cakes in New York City instead. Here are five spots where you can have your cake and eat it too, without any dairy or regrets.



This “friendly neighborhood cake dealer” lies deep in the heart of Bed-Stuy and is well worth the trip. Clementine's cases are piled high with sweet-and-savory vegan treats, but the cake is … beyond. Flavors rotate daily, so pray for Banana Chocolate Chip. If cake isn’t your thing, eat a brownie: Gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside, every bite tastes like the corner of the brownie pan. All treats are vegan, organic and created on-premise.

299 Greene Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238


Peacefood CUPCAKES, Photo by Siriphot Manoch

The best darn spot for homemade layer cake this side of your grandma’s house? Peacefood Cafe kitchen and bakery is a down-home Upper West Side (and East Village) mainstay. So basically: Come for dinner, stay for dessert. Moist layers of vanilla, carrot and chocolate ganache cake, slathered with melt-in-your mouth frosting that is just sweet enough … mmm. For a lighter bite, try the raw chocolate mousse pie – cacao, date and avocado mousse – nestled in a delicate walnut, coconut and date crust. We may have died a little.

460 Amsterdam Avenue 10024
41 East 11th Street 10003

Vegan Divas


Vegan Divas is the creation of Fernanda Capobianco, wife of the famed (and butter-crazed) patissier Francois Payard and former manager of the Payard Restaurant and Pastry Shops in Rio de Janeiro. This upscale Upper East Side pastry shop is divine, and clearly inspired by Payard’s artistry:  Divas’ desserts are pure elegance on a plate. All of their carefully crafted delicacies are cholesterol-free, kosher and organic. But the Decadent Chocolate Cake – rich brownie, tofu chocolate mousse, and slick chocolate glacage – also happens to be low-calorie. Meow.

1437 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10021

BabyCakes (Erin McKenna’s Bakery)


Catering to those of us with gluten, dairy, egg and soy sensitivities, BabyCakes makes vegan-eating fun again! Cakes are made to order, but the cupcakes are available daily at this eclectic Lower East Side bakery. Try the vanilla cupcake with zesty lemon frosting, which just happens to pair very nicely with the cinnamon sugar donuts. (They also sell cupcake tops and frosting shots, so mix and match with reckless abandon.) Go! Go! Go! But be prepared for a wait: BabyCakes always has a line out the door. 

248 Broome St, New York, NY 10002



In case you needed another reason to visit this NYC vegan institution, may we slide a plate of tiramisu your way? Ok, tiramisu is not cake per se, but one bite and you’ll be too blitzed out in creamy espresso-mocha bliss to care. 

187 9th Ave 10011/ 507 Columbus 10024/ 41 Carmine St 10014

By Leah Serinsky

Leah Serinsky is a New York-based writer with a penchant for eating copious amounts of chocolate, people watching and running in Central Park.