If you've walked through any city in the past few years, you don't need us to tell you about food delivery subscription boxes like Blue Apron. In fact, these goodie boxes have exploded (not literally, thankfully) in recent months, with new tantalizing options popping up all the time. They range from sensible options like fresh, organic food delivered on a predetermined schedule to extremely niche offerings such as Moss of the Month, or the company that delivers fresh patches of grass for your dog to do business upon.

Ahem. Well, moving on, there are plenty of fantastically zany edible and drinkable services that could revolutionize the way you ingest without busting your budget and/or gut. Take a long, hard look at your daily diet habits. See any issues in there? Odds are, one of these boxes of joy could be a perfect fit for you.



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Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet so many city dwellers forgo the morning meal in fear of the impending commute. Oatbox is in the house with the most important box of the month. For just $20 per month, it offers an assortment of honey-sweetened granolas sent to your doorstep to start the day on a crunchy note. Like a well-curated wardrobe, the offerings change with the season. Wake up this May with a springy superfoods granola, and pack a baggie of strawberry and turmeric to snack on later.



We all like to consider ourselves citizens of the world, but only a few can claim to be denizens of Bacon Nation. For men and women who may prefer a secluded cabin in the woods to gleaming city skyscrapers, Mantry delivers hearty, bimonthly boxes of meaty goodness. Each box is built around a theme, like Bourbon BBQ  complete with Vermont Smoke & Cure pepperoni and a bottle of Bittermilk old fashioned. When you’ve devoured the selection of artisan goods, feel free to use the wooden crate for firewood.


Japan Crate

Raise your hand if you’re bored of the same old mass-produced options in the candy aisle at the grocery store. If you live more than 50 miles outside of Tokyo, odds are you’ve never experienced anything like the vibrant collection of candies inside Japan Crate. Spoiler alert: The contents are super kawaii. In addition to the wacky sweets, check out Japanese beauty products, plush stuffed animals, manga comics and gourmet ramen noodles. With free shipping around the world, you can get a little dose of Japan no matter where you live.



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Never has there been a product so perfectly designed for the highly discerning snacker. Thanks to an algorithm and a little help from local farmers and producers, Graze delivers a specially tailored, perfectly portioned box o’ snacks to help get you through the day. Unlike others on this list, there’s nothing fancy going on here. The snack packs consist mainly of stuff you know all about: nuts, fruits, a wee bit of chocolate. Well, things get a little fancy with offerings like açai blueberry bites, crispy carrot chips and chia coconut cookies. Okay, fine — be exactly as fancy as you choose to be.




A taste of the world’s finest wine will cost you thousands of dollars, yet most people throw a hissy fit when faced with a $5 cup of coffee. If you appreciate the subtleties and intricacies of gourmet java, the brews from MistoBox may be for you. Upon subscribing, you will be matched with your very own coffee curator, who will help you choose from more than 300 types of beans from around the world. The beans are then roasted and plopped on your doorstep for you to grind and brew. You’ll be sipping on fine Ethiopian yirgacheffe in no time.



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It can be tough to find a happy medium between the exorbitant local wine bar with the condescending attitude and the dusty bottle of liquor-store chardonnay. That's where Vinebox comes in to deliver a swank wine experience straight to your stoop. The subscription service ships boxes of red, white and rosé wines by the glass sourced from some of Europe's most renowned producers, shipped in test-tube-shaped vials for the perfect pour. Ditch the cheap vino and live the life of an urban sommelier. 



Does the smell of whiskey still make you gag because of that one time in college? That’s no reason to give up on the spirit, especially when there are tons of craft distilleries popping up every year. Join the highly exclusive club at Flaviar, a subscription service that has stockpiled a database of more than 15,000 varieties of spirits. In addition to Scotch whiskey, you can get your hands on some gin or bourbon with themed boxes like Gin O’Clock and Star Spangled Bourbon.



Fuego Box

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Time to kick it up a notch. Fuego Box is a dream come true for the culinary masochist who enjoys the taste-bud-searing pain of sauces with the words “hell,” “volcanic” and “dragon’s blood” in the names. The true pain junkie may be slightly disappointed, but the rest of us will be happy to know that instead of obsessively seeking out the most destructive heat, the Fuego Box crew has scoured the world in search of complex, dynamic flavorings. With a three-month subscription going for just $30, this makes a 🔥 gift for the spiciest people in your life.


Spiced Pantry

Globe-trotters: It's time your worldly palates met Spiced Pantry, a subscription box that sends you spices, hard-to-find grains, legumes and other ingredients to help you prepare dishes from every corner of the planet. Using easy-to-follow recipes, you’ll be cooking up traditional delicacies in no time. Recent boxes have included ingredients from Spain, Lebanon and India. Satisfy your culinary wanderlust!

By Alexander Brock

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