While Canada is nicknamed the Great White North thanks to the omnipresent blanket of snow that covers much of our land, the country comes ablaze in autumn with the colors of falling leaves. And due to warmer temperatures and more sunshine than usual, we're enjoying a later foliage season in Canada. So read on for our favorite spots to enjoy fall's beauty.


Bronte Creek Park by JP Newell

Pinery Provincial Park

Ontario's Pinery Provincial Park on Lake Huron showcases a wide range of autumn's hues. With maples, sumacs and sassafras leaves in the midst of changing colors, the most spectacular displays are best viewed from the Riverside Trail and Savanna Trail — or opt for Nipissing Trail if you want a soaring park view. And keep an eye open for wildlife to match the surrounding colors: Golden eagles, common redpoll birds and white-tailed deer are a few creatures found in the park this time of year.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Fun fact: The leaf colors you see in November typically come from trees that are slightly hardier, like tamaracks and oaks. Both are plentiful in the southern half of Ontario and Bronte Creek Provincial Park is a perfect place to view them at their finest. With five hiking trails scattered throughout the park, there's lots of ground to cover ... but we're told by those in the know that the best section will be the ravine area, so head there first!

Rock Point Provincial Park

Located on the north shore of Lake Erie near the mouth of the Grand River, Rock Point Provincial Park is a top spot for November foliage  and with half the color wheel on full display, it's no wonder. From bright gold needles on the tamarack trees to the deep hues of brown and auburn oak leaves, Mother Nature is at her best here.

Prince Edward Island

Photo by Larry

Confederation Trail

In the Maritimes, Prince Edward Island is an ideal spot for scoping the boldest and brightest leaves, as its foliage display period is among the longest in the country. Follow the 470 km Confederation Trail that runs across the island and you'll be guaranteed to find fantastic viewing spots at every turn. A tip: Parts of the trail are currently under repair, so check online for the latest conditions before you hit the road.

British Columbia

ButchArT Gardens via facebook


Butchart Gardens

While we all know  and love  the quintessential Canadian maple leaf that makes up part of our national identity (and also adorns our flag, our penny and our backpacks), Victoria's Butchart Gardens is home to another maple leaf worthy of attention. At this time of year, the Japanese maple tree makes a vibrant appearance on the scene. There's a sizable collection of them in Butchart's Japanese garden, making the bright pops of red, gold and orange quite the sight.

Yoho National Park

If you're hunting for fall colors in British Columbia's Yoho National Park, you're golden  literally. Here, gold is the color du jour, as the park is populated with the alpine larch, a tree whose needles turn yellow before they fall off. For the best views, stick near Lake O'Hara, whose shimmering turquoise waters compete for attention.

By Serena Matter

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