Rooftop Yoga classes are organized every Saturday by Lucyoga, on the rooftop of a multi-storey car-park.
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27  August 2013
Daily Secret

Rooftop Yoga
Just dru it!
Rooftop Yoga
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Could this be right? We had our yoga mats furled under our arms and had followed our scout's directions to the letter, but instead of a group of ooming yogis, we could only find brooming motors. Confused, we continued up to the top level of the car-park, through a door and there they were – saluting the sun right under the sun! Every Saturday morning throughout summer, Lucy Bannister (aka Lucyoga) is organizing Dru yoga classes on the rooftop, with southeast London laid out below and just the blue (hopefully) sky above. We started stretching gently: as we realised, Dru is a form of practice that resembles tai-chi and dancing - think smooth, liquid moves that leave you completely relaxed. Om!
P.S. Classes continue Saturdays 10-11am until September 14. Reserve your place in advance here.
Multi-storey , Car-Park , 95A Rye Lane , Peckham
95A Rye Lane
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