Summertime Happiness

7 ways to beat the summertime blues

By Eleni Zoe and Alex Kavdas
Sorry Lana, but we're so over summertime sadness. After weeks of negotiations, tense uncertainty and waiting in ATM lines, we're eager for some summertime happiness instead. First step: Switch off your TV. Second step: Read below for seven different ways to bring a breath of fresh air to your summer wardrobe and mood. Go on, be happy.

Dress up your surfboard

Kauskaki via Facebook

Surf's up! At least for the adventurous kids among us. If you're one of them, jazz up your board with “surf socks” (i.e. surfboard covers) from Kauskaki.  Hand-sewn in Greece by friends and co-founders Savina and Mary, these socks are custom tailored to fit your board and designed to express your personality. Or you can ride the wave to their online shop for one-of-a-kind but ready-made covers. Rad.


Primp your beard

Hommer via Facebook

Fact: Beards are cool. Keep yours in tip-top shape this summer with Hommer’s series of beard grooming products, inspired by Ancient Greece and made with natural ingredients such as hemp oil, barbar fig and argan oil to protect your skin. Oh, and remember: A clean beard is a good beard. Keep some beard wipes on your at all times and even Beard God Ben Dahlhaus will be jealous of you. 


Live your myth at home

Arakse via Etsy

Happiness starts at home (sometimes, it even stays there). Update your pad with pillows from Arakse, Eleni Christodoulou’s collection of handmade throw pillows with embroidered images of some of Ancient Greece's most well-known mythical creatures. The mystical and enigmatic Sphinx makes an appearance, the wise and compassionate Centaur peeks his head out and those femme fatale Sirens will use their seductive powers to get you to sit back, relax and maybe even crack a smile. 


Carry a postcard with you

Thalatta Concept via Website

Bougainvilleas. Fishing boats. Blue skies. Sometimes carrying your holiday memories in your mind is not enough to beat the post-vacation blues (or the no-vacation-this-year reds). Victor and Xeni of Thalatta Concept have the answer: They print photos they’ve taken while traveling, onto cotton pouch bags that you can keep on you at all times. Post-vacation what?


Take British pop band Frankie's advice ...

The Project Garment via Website

... And “Relax.” Complete comfort starts with The Project Garments T-shirt collection: This casual menswear brand is  really serious about scouting the best possible materials from across the globe. Their Sumpia cotton comes from the Mississippi Delta, fabric is woven in Colombia until it’s finally sewn in Italy. That might be a long journey, but once you feel it on your skin you’ll understand. Holy softness!


Fall in love at first sight

Uglybell via Facebook

So you think that a summer romance will make you happy? Think again. All you need to be happy this summer is a pair of Uglybell sunnies. Former graffiti-artist Nicola Gikas transferred his flair for spray painting walls on trains to creating sunglasses with colorful, floral designs, at his workspace in Paleo Faliro. Sunny days are back again. 


Beach it

The Sew Project via Facebook

We’re pretty sure the Aegean Sea’s crystal waters contain happy chemicals. For double the fun and whimsy, don’t leave for the beach without a dreamy hand-made beach towel from The Sew Project. The collection is chock-full of rainbows and fairytale characters which, although they may not get you to your happily ever after, they’ll get you pretty darn close.

By Eleni Zoe and Alex Kavdas

Eleni Zoe is a writer and daily chai drinker. She's powered by TV shows and mystery novels and, if she could do life all over again, she would go to detective school.